Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Proprietary Software Envelopment Model

One often hears people compare the supposed "development" model of proprietary software to that of free software. But really, to describe the authoring of proprietary software as a "development" model makes little sense. If development is taking place, it would be sane to assume that the entity that benefits is the whole of humanity. However, proprietary software is licensed and propagated in such a way that only those who agree to be caged get the benefit of such software.

It's more accurate to describe the proprietary software model as a model of envelopment. Those who agree to such terms are allowing themselves to be cut off from society. In effect, such users are blowing up and entering an enclosed antisocial bubble from which to operate within cyberspace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think "development" typically refers to the "development" of software, not the development of humanity. It's no more strange to talk about closed-source development of software than it is to talk about commercial (vs. in your own dark room) development of film.

Blogger Gnuosphere said...

Anonymous said:

"I think "development" typically refers to [...]"

Yes, of course. So my aim in the post was to use the word "development" in an atypical manner to point something out.


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