Friday, June 23, 2006

"war" map

Click the image to see the enlarged map by author Steven Hilton.

The description states "FOSS"s battle versus Microsoft though the map includes proprietary projects (in black) that are, nonetheless, a thorn in the side of Microsoft. Unfortunately, a map like this implies "Microsoft" to be the problem. Although Microsoft holds the lion's share of oppressive technology and can legitimately have the finger pointed in their direction for dubious business practices, free software is about freedom from all published proprietary software - not freedom from any one particular company. For example, the map does not show GNU Java in opposition to Sun's Java. Nonetheless, this is an interesting (and informative for those new to FOSS) image of the multi-faceted "war" Microsoft is facing.

As well, it might be interesting to put open standards on the map - like ODF for example - that are helping the push for freedom.

Thanks Steven!


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