Saturday, July 15, 2006

Miguel's Patrick Henry

Miguel does an impressive rip, mix, and burn of Patrick Henry's liberty or death speech. Thanks Miguel for an entertaining and important reminder that freedom is what's at stake. The term "open source" has its roots of intention in the hush-hushing of freedom-talk in corporate/business circles. Perhaps such a specialized movement has value within such a context. As "open source" definition author Bruce Perens believes, it is important to "mainstream" free software using rhetoric built around "open source." If seen as a clever hack of the corporate software industry, the open source movement has been particularly useful and must be applauded. However, the "shhh! don't say 'free' or talk about freedom!" argument outside of its originally-intended business audience is, I believe, a faux pas. For the majority of us not trying to convince a corporate CEO that "open source" can make a buck, I may suggest using either the term "free software" or "FOSS".

It is good to see technology educators discuss and write about freedom. It is important for teachers to question everything and attempt - with their students and colleagues - to find out what is right for society. Whether or not one agrees with software freedom, it is imperative that such discussion in education occurs. Authentic, meaningful education is about examining and exploring such issues. Shun talk about freedom in schools, and you're sure to create people willing to hand it over without a second thought.



Blogger Clay Burell said...

Link to Miguel's thing doesn't work.

Blogger Gnuosphere said...

Thanks for the heads-up. It's fixed now.


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