Monday, June 19, 2006

Another Sky Press

Another Sky Press is an organization that values the dissemination of culture. To understand their angle, see their beliefs page. Organizations like this in tandem with conscientious consumers and paradigm-smashing approaches to copyright and software patent law (e.g. most creative commons licenses and free software) can help create a brave gnu world.

Some of Another Sky's key beliefs that ring true:
"Rather than fight technology, we’ve decided to flow with it. Rather than ‘protect’ our ‘intellectual property’ with DRM and other consumer-unfriendly practices, we’re offering it all for free. Rather than fight against P2P and related technologies, we’ll embrace them."

"We believe it would be better if individuals could decide the value of art after they experience it, not before."

"Art should be for all, not for those who can afford it. Contribute when you can, if you can. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t contribute to every artist who you’ve enjoyed. Instead, be proud to contribute at a level that is comfortable to you both ethically and financially. If you have the means, by all means go above and beyond and generously support a few artists to ensure they can continue to create new work."

"We believe the money should go to the artist, not obsolete middle men hanging on to antiquated distribution paradigms."

"The corporations that currently have a strangle hold on our culture are not equipped for the impact of technology. They can not and will not adapt, for their profit lies in the realm of control and information consolidation, not freedom and information dissemination. We have the opportunity to reclaim our culture and we need to take it."
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