Wednesday, August 02, 2006

watch YouTube in freedom

Unfortunately, to watch videos directly from the YouTube website requires the installation of proprietary software and thus, the forfeiting of freedom. For those who refuse to forfeit the freedom they value, there is an option.

Using the website, one can download the desired YouTube video and save it in .flv format. Simply select "Youtube" from the drop-down menu, paste the YouTube URL into the field, and click "Download". Soon, one should be offered a link to save the video file.

Once downloading has completed, you can play the .flv file locally using either MPlayer or the latest version of VLC (0.8.5). Note that older versions of VLC appear unable to handle this format so make sure you have the latest version installed.

Unfortunately, this process is not as convenient and relies upon the service of a website that may be gone tomorrow. But for now, those who use a free system can participate in this form of online culture using this method. If anyone knows of other ways to access the same material whilst keeping one's freedom, please comment.


Blogger Miguel said...

Peter, I've written a bit here...

Thanks for!


Anonymous Benjamí said...

The .flv format is free?

Blogger Gnuosphere said...

Benjamí asked:

"The .flv format is free?"

Not as far as I know.


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