Monday, May 22, 2006

Census Canada - Part II

Observing the follow up to this, one sees a lot of praise given to Statistics Canada for making the 2006 online census "Linux compatible." Not surprisingly, this praise is primarily coming from "open source" advocates. Indeed, the government has made strides for those who value the practical advantages an "open source" platform offers. Unfortunately, those who value freedom are still shut out.

Thanks to the GNU Java team for confirming that the 2006 online census for Canada requires the use of proprietary software - namely Java. The various free alternatives to proprietary Java are not capable replacements. As well, thanks to the team for pointing out other issues (Lockheed Martin?) surrounding the census.

Freedom is more important than convenience. It's unfortunate that Statistics Canada has merely offered more access to their online service rather than fix the fundamental problem. But when the demand is for "Linux compatibility" rather than freedom, it comes as no surprise.


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