Sunday, April 03, 2005

American Mensa Sells Out

The American branch of Mensa has struck a deal with Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft has agreed to sponsor the upcoming Mensa Mindgames event to be held April, 2005 in Florida.

There is no doubt that Microsoft is suffering from an inferiority complex with the likes of Google around. It is well known that some of the brightest individuals are snapped up by Google after going through rigorous interviews and creative tests of intelligence to prove their worth. At this time, Google is undoubtedly the champion of search engines and is quickly chewing into market share with other, far superior services to Microsoft's - such as Gmail.

So it makes sense that the corporate software giant would dole out big bucks to an organization of self-proclaimed geniuses. After all, Google is continually making Microsoft look a little more than daft. So why not try to beat Google at their own game?

As far as one can tell, one of Mensa's goals is -
"to encourage research in the nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence".
Apparently, the World Wide Web is not high on American Mensa's list of the many possible tools one can use to conduct "research". This supposedly sharp and brainy group has decided to put the inferior MSN search engine on their homepage.

One slashdot commenter plainly noted the obvious -

"That's not very smart."


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