Monday, February 14, 2005

Protecting Who?

A recent CNET article informs us of yet another technologically stifling lawsuit launched by Hollywood against hardware companies that create innovative products to enhance their business model. Hollywood says...

"Kaleidescape creates expensive consumer electronics networks that upload the full contents of as many as 500 DVDs to a home server, and allow the owner to browse through the movies without later using the DVDs themselves. That's exactly what the copy-protection technology on DVDs, called Content Scramble System (CSS) was meant to prevent, the Hollywood-backed group said."

The DVD Copy Control Association is the "Hollywood-backed group" that doesn't want to allow the owner of legally purchased content to conveniently browse through their collection. Yep, these are the same people who make GNU/Linux users feel like a clandestine mob of pirates for doing similar things with their computers. Welcome to the wonderful world of the DMCA folks.

But who cares if the system ain't perfect. As long as it rakes in more corporate $$$ in the name of "Protection for Artists", it's ethically ok to restrict the freedom of individuals and innovative hardware

The digitally repressive nature of the DMCA kinda reminds me of another, broader Act passed in the name of "Protection for America".

It too takes power from the people.


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