Sunday, April 01, 2007

I love my race

I'm probably going to ostracize myself with this post and receive hate mail but I have to speak some truth. I know this post will rub a few liberal minds the wrong way but I just can't sit silent anymore. I love my race. There, I said it.

Some races are just plain beastly, dumb and violent compared to my race. My race is intelligent and compassionate compared to several other races. Sure, my race isn't perfect (which race is?) but there are other races that are simply disgusting. In fact, there are races so offensive and grotesque, I've got no problem advocating for their extermination. That's right. Slaughter them and their offspring. The sooner we can get rid of certain other races, the better off we'll all be.

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate all other races. Some I'm OK with and even admire in ways. For instance, I've got an open mind about interracial marriage with them. But I hate them. And when I see these distasteful creatures, I'm filled with genocidal rage.

I know it's hard for some to speak their mind concerning this issue. Many left-wing crazies believe we can all get along and they often intimidate those who speak out. But I hope others will join me in declaring love for our race while condemning many of those who are different than us.



Anonymous april fool said...

You had me going until "Slaughter them and their offspring" and then I was just confused until I saw the links. Nice one.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny. Twisted..but funny.


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