Thursday, March 29, 2007

Death for the Death Star?

Han Solo is rethinking the situation. Things are looking much better than before but he's clearly not entirely convinced of our intent.

Han confuses the rebel alliance when stating -
"The 'we control not just the software, but also the hardware it runs on' parts [of GPL3] still drive me up the wall."
GPL3's intent is no different than GPL2 or GPL1. The intent is to restrict through copyleft how our software may be distributed, not how hardware that runs it actually functions. That is, all we ask is that distributed GPL3 software grants the recipient of that software the right to modify, study, share, and run for any purpose their copy. This is fact.

Some say Han is wise and will grasp the intent of our license given time. We're gonna try poppin' a couple proton torpedoes down the thermal exhaust port of the Death Star regardless. Other plans (market power and lobbying for legal change) are not viable given the galactic landscape. We could really use Han's help in blowing the reactor core.

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