Thursday, November 03, 2005

Manipulating Massachusetts

Well that didn't take long.

Back on September 6th, I stated -
"A "donation" here or there to the right political organizations ... may keep Massachusetts divided and conquered by everyone's favorite corporate entity."
Yep. Even though any objective technologist not partaking in consciousness-altering substances clearly sees that the move to the OpenDocument standard is a no-brainer, politics mixed with corporate greed has reared its ugly head.

It now appears as though the obviously beneficial move to an open standard will likely be squelched. The propaganda has been in full swing as the "business community" (i.e. Microsoft) has rallied the troops putting OpenDocument in a false spotlight of doubt.

An amendment to Senate bill 2256 may put the move on hold and require a four-member task force, appointed by the governor, to critique any possible change. Oh but here is the best part..."at least two of them will be representatives from the business community."

Wait a sec. I thought government worked for and represented the interests of "the people"?

Oh well. That's ok. I'm sure an intelligent and thoughtful person is currently governing the state of Massachusetts. Someone who doesn't buy into propaganda and looks to protect citizen rights. Someone who uses reason to make key decisions. Oh's Mitt Romney. He's the governor who is anti-abortion, pro-death penalty, and against same-sex marriage. He also vetoed a bill to fund stem-cell research, vetoed an emergency contraception bill, and believes wiretapping mosques is going to make America safe.

1-0 Microsoft Corporation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Mitt Romney is ... unpleasant.

But, off topic, I just wanted to say how great your commentary was over at Lessig-blog for the post "bravo Microsoft" (here). Keep up the good fight. I always enjoy your well-reasoned arguments.

Blogger Gnuosphere said...

Thank you. It's nice to know that, on occasion, I make some sense.


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