Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mainstream Media wants to know...

...what OS you use and why. BBC News asks -
"Tell us in 100 words or less, why you are such a supporter of your chosen operating system and what features you love about it."
Knowing full well a lottery win is more likely than BBC publishing my response, I felt compelled to submit an answer anyway. And much to my own amusement, I hit the 100-word bullseye without intention as follows...
"I use the GNU/Linux operating system. I use this system because it is free (libre) and open source software. Such an operating system gives me the freedom to share it with other human beings, modify it to suit my needs (or hire someone if I so choose), and use for any purpose I wish. I use the GNU/Linux operating system because such software is an effective measure in bridging the global digital divide. I also use the GNU/Linux operating system because it is the most effective defense against unethical attacks in the form of spyware and viruses."
Apparently, the BBC will choose 3 differing opinions (Mac/Windows/"Linux") and have them go "head-to-head-to-head" on this matter. This is yet another reason why my input is unlikely to be valued. For as RMS puts it, once you choose freedom, it's not about competition. There is no debate. Once you choose freedom, all other operating systems "are out of the running." (@~17m20s)



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